Intoleran Overcomes Food Intolerances

Intoleran Overcomes Food Intolerances

The staff at the health brand Intoleran is well aware of the struggle that many Americans face when it comes to gut health. The CDC reports that millions of Americans end up visiting the emergency department each year due to their digestive troubles. At the same time, others, like UC Davis School of medicine, have found that a healthy gut impacts far-reaching areas of the body, like the immune system and the brain.

As the evidence continues to pile up, there’s no doubt that the health of the digestive system (or lack thereof) is one of the key issues in the struggle for human health. And, of course, what you put into your digestive system makes a big difference on how it works. In fact, while there are many very serious digestive health concerns, there are many others who simply suffer from a food intolerance that hampers their digestive tract and makes it difficult to break down basic foods, like sugars and lactose.

Fortunately for this group of food intolerant individuals, Intoleran has developed a line of digestive enzyme supplements that can remove the issue of an intolerance and restore a sense of joy, peace, and wellness to daily life in the process. The Dutch-based health food brand has spent years working with dieticians and other professionals to develop their sleek and simply dietary solution.

“We are specialists with the best supplements for food intolerances to help release you from your digestive issues,” explains company owner Harmen Treep, “if you suffer from a food intolerance, our supplements can quickly and easily help you digest troublesome foods.”

Treep goes on to explain that one of the goals of his Netherlands-based company is to take the stress out of strict diet requirements. “It’s hard enough to stick to a diet at home,” Treep explains, “but when you go out and visit friends or family or pick up a meal at work, things get more complicated. If you have our enzymes handy, you can supercharge your gut with the tools it needs to break down your food, process its nutrients, and keep your body happy and healthy. At the end of the day, if you can enjoy your food again, we’ve succeeded in our mission.”

Intoleran’s dietary enzyme supplements are produced manually in the company’s production lab in the Netherlands. They are popular around the world, and the brand is also in the process of entering the U.S. market, where it hopes to help millions of Americans enjoy food again.

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