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Two Philadelphia Women Disrupt $50B Divorce Industry with New FinTech for Divorce

Two Philadelphia Women Disrupt $50B Divorce Industry with New FinTech for Divorce

Today, women-owned company My Divorce Solution announced the release of its proprietary FinTech app – The Divorce Preparation Platform™ – which streamlines burdensome Discovery of financial information and Settlement in divorce.

Instead of months or years of costly Discovery and Settlement with an attorney, My Divorce Solution clients are eight weeks away from a personalized financial divorce plan. By systemizing these expensive and time-consuming phases,The Divorce Preparation Platform™ can save clients up to 80% on divorce costs.

The American divorce system is broken – divorces are lengthy, expensive, and contentious legal battles designed to produce a winner and a loser. Divorces can take years, cost thousands, and leave broken families in their wake.

My Divorce Solution is addressing the broken divorce system by preparing divorcing families with financial plans that lead to amicable and equitable divorces – where both parties can secure their financial futures without dumping unnecessary resources into the legal system.

Divorce is hard enough.

My Divorce Solution is making it easier – by supporting families with an innovative financial plan for divorce that lets families move forward with clarity and confidence.

You can learn more about the Divorce Preparation Platform™ on the My Divorce Solution website.

My Divorce Solution is co-founded by Karen Chellew, Legal Liaison, and Catherine Shanahan, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and was recognized by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the largest women-owned businesses in 2020 and 2021.

My Divorce Solution was founded in the wake of Karen and Catherine’s divorces — creating the company they wish had existed on their divorce journeys. Together, they are on a mission to disrupt divorce by shifting the power away from the fragmented legal system and into the hands of divorcing individuals and families.

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